The answers to our biggest challenges won’t be found in the idea of a single person or the activity of a single organisation. It is not as simple as improving services, although this is of course part of it.

Communities have many resources available to them that have the potential to be used in different ways to address the challenges to keep people well, healthy and cared for. Unlocking these hidden and under-utilised gifts in our communities helps us to think differently about the challenges we face. To really improve things for everyone we need to find ways to come together and think about how we can all play an active role in this. This idea that everyone has a part to play is at the core of Dudley’s All Together Better partnership. Communities have the power to activate, initiate and sustain lasting change.

Activate Packs

In early 2016 we developed and tested the All Together Better Activate Pack for facilitators. Healthwatch Dudley ran 8 workshops in two months using the Activate Pack with 150 people. Participants identified collective challenges around being well, health and cared for and used the Activate Recipe Cards and Ingredient Cards to co-design 20 asset based, participatory project ideas.

Through work with Dudley Police, a new version of the Activate Pack has been designed to be put directly in the hands of local people so that they can be inspired, explore challenges and design projects together. Through this work accompanying resources are being tested and developed with local people. Look out for Initiate and Sustain, coming in 2017 to complete the set.

  • The All Together Better Activate Pack for facilitators is A4 sized and includes 5 sets of resources which you can can download for free.
  • The Activate Pack released in September 2016 is A6 sized and includes Project Recipe postcards, discussion question cards and Ingredient Cards for designing projects. It will be available to download here soon. We are delighted to be sharing the first packs hot off the press at the Health and Care Innovations Expo 2016.

We’ve licensed both Activate Packs through Creative Commons which means anyone can use and adapt the pack contents under the terms of the licence. We’d love to hear what you do with it.