Activate.001Communities have many resources available to them that have the potential to be used in different ways. Unlocking these hidden and under-utilised gifts in our communities helps us to think differently about the challenges we face. When people come together they have the power to activate, initiate and sustain lasting change in the place they live. The Activate Pack has been carefully designed to spark imaginative, thought-provoking and creative conversations that help people to imagine new ideas and projects which might transform the place they live.

The Activate Pack is a tool to help people learn more about each other, explore inspirational ideas and build the projects they want to see in their community.

Inside the handy A5 sized box you will find:

  • 10 Recipe Cards with stories of inspiring projects created by people in the places they live
  • 3 Discussion Cards to invite exploration of challenges
  • 7 Ingredient Cards to help people build project ideas

You can also download or request:

  • Recording Sheets for use with Discussion Cards
  • Facilitator Notes – lots of handy tips and links for using the Activate Pack with groups of people

You can order bundles of Activate Packs with Detectorism Insights #1. We’ve licensed the Activate Packs through Creative Commons which means anyone can use and adapt the pack contents under the terms of the licence. We’d love to hear what you do with it.