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CoLab Enquiry logo 2What is a CoLab Enquiry?

A CoLab Enquiry is an opportunity for people to share research findings, or emerging and evolving work, with a group of interested peers.

If a group or organisation you volunteer or work for has carried out some research, or is developing or testing something new which involves collaboration, co-production or social innovation and you’d like to share and discuss it with others through a CoLab Enquiry session just get in touch.

The Enquiry session is yours, it can be promoted through CoLab mail, Eventbrite page, blog and social media.

Your session can be co-designed if you would like input on helpful ways to invite and draw on the experience and knowledge of people who come along, or indeed input on great ways to share complex or detailed information.

Below you can find out about CoLab Enquiry sessions.

Enquiry 1 | Co-production in Dudley | Tuesday 24 February 2015

The offices and coffee shops of Dudley were buzzing with talk of co-production last summer as a team of friendly interviewers met with people in all sorts of roles to find out where we’re at in Dudley when it comes to co-production. More information and bookings here. A CoLab report will be launched as part of this session.

Enquiry 2 | State of the Sector | Tuesday 24 March 2015

In Autumn 2014 Dudley CVS carried out an in-depth survey of their members. 107 local organisations and groups responded, and the results have been analysed by national charity NAVCA. Dudley CVS are keen to discuss key themes with people from all sorts of backgrounds and organisations. Find out more and register places here. The survey findings will be shared online too, including on this blog.

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