CoLab Exchange

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During Autumn 2014 we curated and facilitated a series of guided sessions designed to nurture understanding and practices for collaboration and co-production across Dudley borough. We aimed to introduce people to a wide range of ideas, thinking and practices which are being used around the world to accelerate collaboration and co-production.

Below are the sessions and links to blog posts and pages about them:

Session 1 | Inviting citizen co-production | Monday 29 September 2014

Session 2 | Creativity is crucial for collaboration | Monday 27 October 2014

Session 3 | Small, local, open connected… | Monday 17 November 2014

Session 4 | Making space(s) for collaboration | Monday 8 December 2014

In the spirit of reciprocity (one of the values of co-production), we dreamt up a number of suggestions of things people could bring or do in exchange for us taking the time to prepare and deliver these sessions (inspired by Trade School). Everyone was asked to choose one exchange when registering a place. We welcome suggestions of other ideas for exchange in the future (

If you have knowledge and experience you would like to share around collaboration or co-production please talk to us about running an Exchange session, or ways to use CoLab as a platform to host informal conversations – both face to face and online.

We encourage anyone taking part in CoLab Exchange sessions to read our guidelines to nurture collaboration before coming along.