Field Visits

Logo which says ‘CoLab Dudley Borough” and “Field Visits” with an icon of a penDiscover what’s going on across our borough

CoLab Field Visits are an opportunity to visit projects, teams or organisations which have learning to share around collaborative ways of working, steps towards co-production of services or outcomes, and/or social innovation.

The nature of each Field Visit will vary depending on the people hosting the visit. They may involve a tour of spaces and facilities, a short presentation or video, workshop-style participatory activities  and more. Each Field Visit will include time for questions, discussion and reflection.

Make the most of your Field Visit:

  • Bring along a pad or device to make your Field Notes
  • Do a little research on the project or organisation you are visiting
  • Have a think about questions you might like to ask which would help you and your team or organisation

When is the next one?

Check the CoLab Eventbrite page for upcoming dates. If you can’t see any Field Visits coming up, why not host one yourself?

Just fill in this short form if you’d like to host a Field Visit

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