Knowledge Cafe

If only we knew what we know!

A Knowledge Cafe brings a group of people together to have an open, creative conversation on a topic of mutual interest to share ideas and gain a deeper collective understanding of a subject and the issues involved.

This is perfect for CoLab Dudley Borough. Our position is that there is an abundance of knowledge, experience and ideas in our borough. A Knowledge Cafe is a chance to share and understand more fully the knowledge we already have in relation to collaboration, co-production and social innovation.

CoLab Knowledge Cafe logoWhen is the next one?

Check the CoLab Eventbrite page for upcoming dates. If you can’t see any Knowledge Cafe sessions coming up, why not host one yourself?

How does it work?

  • Anyone who wants to host a Knowledge Cafe just needs to find a space and time to do it. It can be promoted through CoLab mail, Eventbrite page, this blog, twitter and Facebook – just ask.
  • On the day welcome people and make sure people they can buy or help themselves to a drink.
  • Set an open ended question on a defined topic.
  • Start with a round of introductions then outline the subject or theme of the cafe and pose a single open-ended question.
  • Invite people to discuss the question in small groups (of up to four or five people) for 20-45 minutes. Usually no attempt is made to capture the conversation as doing so tends to destroy the conversation. The value of the Cafe is in the conversation itself and the learning that each individual takes away. (People may choose to make their own notes.)
  • After discussion in small groups, exchange ideas as a whole group for 20-45 minutes. Anyone can contribute to this, so avoid appointing spokespeople from the smaller groups. It could be helpful to draw out what people have found out that they know themselves, and what others know.
  • Thank everyone for their contributions.

That’s it. Nothing to write up, simply trust that people will do great things with the knowledge they have shared.

There is a bit more information in this CoLab Knowledge Cafe handout and you can find more online. Above and in the handout we’ve drawn in particular on thinking shared by David Gurteen, for example these slides.

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