Be part of Dudley’s first ever MapJam

We recently came across the idea of a MapJam in the Stir to Action magazine, which included a handy guide on how to host a MapJam

MapJams can help to create more resilient places by connecting grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives, community resources, and the commons. 

Register to be part of Dudley’s first MapJam

It got us thinking about all sorts of things we could map and also think about catalysing in Dudley including:

  • Finance: finance, credit unions, public banks, microfinance and local investment groups, crowdfunding dinners, socially responsible investing firms.
  • Production: energy co-ops, producer co-ops, community gardens, coworking spaces, urban farms, hackerspaces, makerspaces, art collectives, fab labs, computer kitchens, repair cafes, tool or kitchen libraries, shared commercial kitchens.
  • Land/housing: land, housing, public parks, city repair projects, open spaces, community centers, housing co-ops, community land trusts, intentional communities, cohousing developments, tiny home villages, ecovillages.
  • Services: public libraries, carsharing, bike sharing stations, worker coops, childcare collectives, preschool coops, timebanks, education co-ops, community/social clubs.
  • Distribution food coops, farmers’ markets, reuse stores, toy and seed libraries, barter markets, swaps.
  • Off-The-Map: Timebanks, Transition groups, Freecycle networks

You’re invited to join us to share your knowledge, spreadsheet wizardry, open mapping geekery, curiosity or encouragement. All warmly welcomed!  

Our focus is in and around Dudley Town Centre, but don’t let that constrain you if your interests cover a broader geography. 

We’ve put 3 dates in the calendar, come along any indivdual session, or more than one:

Thursday 5 October | 10am-12pm
Thursday 12 October | 10am-12pm
Thursday 19 October | 10am-12pm

Register to be part of Dudley’s first MapJam

If you can’t make it look out for updates on our Facebook Page and Twitter (using the hashtag #MapJam). Once we get started we’ll be  putting out calls for data. 

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