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Co-working Wednesdays

Whatever your role, sector, areas of interest or experience, if you value collaboration, openness and community you’re warmly invited to join the CoLab Dudley community as a co-worker.

Co-working is a global movement started in 2005 by freelancers. Co-working spaces are created around the idea of community building and sustainability.

Sustainability in a co-working community is about supporting, nourishing, about “buoying up” our fellow co-workers. It’s about giving, about contributing, for it is through these actions that the community itself – made up of individual people – is sustained.  Much of this happens organically, serendipitously, as members of a co-working community work in close proximity to each other. Conversation turns into collaboration. 

(From Coworking Core Values)

If you’re feeling a little bereft of support, or would welcome bouying up, where better to work than in the Inspiration Lab at Gather on a co-working day?

We have welcoming hosts, free wifi, and a lovely space that we have created by hand.

Feel free to bring your own food and drink into the Inspiration Lab. You can also buy hot and cold drinks (including great coffee) and a spot of lunch in the gather coffee shop.

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