Dudley Soup – open call

Soup bannerSOUP is a grassroots micro-funding model which supports creative community projects through shared meals.

This is an open call to anyone who would like to bring their magic to get SOUP started in Dudley.

How SOUP works:

A group of people come together to share a meal, donating something like £5 per person on arrival. The income is given as a grant to support a creative project. Project proposals are made in advance and a number are selected to make short pitches at the event. Everyone who comes along gets one vote to determine whic project receives the grant.

We’ve already got:

  • A borough jam-packed with people with creative ideas and aspirations to run great projects
  • A hall at DY1 that we can use for free to hold SOUP events
  • Instructions on how to start a SOUP from the fab Amy and co in Detroit
  • Friends in Birmingham who started a SOUP last year (it’s amazing – check out Birmingham SOUP)

The remaining ingredient is the talents and skills of a few people to form a kick-ass team and get this going. The sorts of magic we need are:

  • Leadership flair – to help the team do their best together
  • Creative awesomeness – so that people say ‘Wow, what’s that? I must go!’ and it’s all lovely when they come along
  • Webby wizardry – so that wherever people are online they can connect with Dudley SOUP
  • Storytelling mastery – you can’t beat good stories to draw people in!
  • Camera charms – whether it’s photo or video, Instagram or Periscope, we want the world to see this
  • Soup making spells  – or recipes, whatever you have to hand in your kitchen
  • A sixth sense for finding hidden treasure – SOUP can reach far beyond those who know how to get funding, to people who have creative ideas which would benefit their community, who might often be excluded for all sorts of reasons – so we need team members who can find them

If you can bring a little or a lot of these kinds of magic, or simply love the idea of SOUP and want to help bring it to Dudley we’d love to meet you. We’re having an initial get together on Wednesday 6 April from 5pm-7pm, drop in whatever time you can make it. We’ll be at DY1,  a venue on Stafford St, Dudley, DY1 1RT.

Icon credit: Creative Stall (via the Noun Project)