During our CoLab Exchange session in October 2014 we considered ways that Creativity is Crucial for Collaboration.

Creative Diversity

We watched a video about Creative Diversity (shared in this post) from Penn State University’s free online course on Creativity, Innovation and Change, and considered the questions Kathryn Jablokow asks at the end. We also considered divergent and convergent thinking (see this post).

Design Thinking

The highlight of the CoLab Exchange session was working through Stanford‘s 90 minute crash course in design thinking video. You can run this yourself with people you work or volunteer with. All you need to is download a copy of the playbook for yourself, copies of the worksheets for everyone taking part (you need an even number of people), have tables, chairs and some craft resources around (pens, paper, sticky tape etc.) and either stream the 90 minute video or download it to a laptop and run it (don’t forget you’ll need speakers). The playbook, worksheets and video are all here.

Additionally, or alternatively, have a browse through the free to download bootcamp bootleg – a design thinking toolkit which offers an overview of design thinking and instructions on 38 different methods you can apply when using a design thinking approach.

Creative Confidence

There is a great book called written by Tom Kelley (founder of IDEO and Stanford and his brother Tom Kelley (IDEO partner). Check out the book and loads of related resources (videos, downloads, a blogs and more) at Creative Confidence. David Kelley’s TED Talk on Creative Confidence is 12 minutes long, so offers a gentle introduction.

If you know of or come across useful resources on creativity please add a reply below, send us link on twitter (@colabdudley) or email so that they can be shared here. And do let us know what you think of any of the resources we’ve linked to.

Steve Jobs quote on creativity
Poster design by Amrit Singh (, inspired by The Civic Foundry and shared freely.

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