Detectorists Collective

A collaboration of the super-curious using their combined research and life skills to co-create a regular shared learning experience. Together we explore the designing and doing of social change across projects which members are involved in. The Collective launched in April 2017 drawing together people involved in a range of projects with many and varied skills, practices and experiences.

Join us: everyone has secret Detectorism skills! The Collective is open to all.

Travelling Detectorists on creative explorations are warmly welcomed. Just get in touch with Jo Orchard-Webb if you’d like to spend time with us observing, questioning and developing insights into CoLab Dudley work.

Detectorists with cameras are invited to share visual artefacts and join discussion in the CoLab Dudley Flickr Group

More about CoLab Dudley’s Detectorism

(You’re invited to be curious about terminology that’s not familiar to you and help us create a glossary and ways of communicating special terms that mean specific things to us.)

Detectorism is the thinking about, collection of, mapping, analysis and sharing of CoLab data relating to Lab projects, processes, experiences and impact. We invite anyone to join in this collection and learning through Detectorism Journals and Detectorism Collective sessions.

Detectorism has evolved organically as part of the developmental evaluation model it is based upon – drawing on the team co-design of the research process, team data collection, and the team analysis of emergent themes into how participation culture works, grows, and affects us directly and collectively.

The principles that underpin Detectorism draw purposefully from participatory culture values and design thinking to develop a form of developmental evaluation that is driven by empathy; open to all; and focuses on ongoing shared learning to help the pace of iteration.  As per the developmental evaluation tradition the researcher is a part of the team, and there are no set of final recommendations, rather an ongoing relationship of working collectively to use our findings to inform social change.

We use an ethnographic methodology to build a holistic cultural portrait of the emergent participatory culture in Dudley. This involves exploring the norms, values, ingredients (resources, places, people), relations, experiences and benefits that ‘doing together’ brings about. Data is collected via a range of data sources: there are currently 10 active project site data collection points; ongoing participant observation of projects and platform processes; interviews with team members and key doers; regular team reflective practice sessions, and thematic analysis of film footage of key events. Detectorism is as much about the process of team reflection & learning as it is about the data collected.

CoLab Dudley is using ethnographic, design and creative participatory methods to move the impact debate beyond the march of the metric!