Crafternoon brings together people who love to make and create: from knitters to artists, crocheters to card makers. Everyone brings whatever they are working on, and happily shares ideas and skills.

How it works

1) People find or are invited to use a comfortable, welcoming space to craft together.
2) They bring their own craft projects and materials.
3) Everyone crafts together.

Crafternoon in Coseley

A group of crafters get together every Tuesday. 12pm-3pm at the youth centre building, Old Meeting Road, WV14 8HB. All welcome.

Let’s start a Crafternoon!

There are all sorts of places where craft projects could take place. gather in Dudley is one of them – the team there are keen to welcome people who want to craft together. Maybe you know a welcoming place where you live.

Come along to a fun, freindly short session to on Tuesday 28 March, 1pm-2.30pm to

  • meet other people who love crafts
  • be introduced to some project recipes: inspiring crafty projects from around the world
  • think about what ingredients we already have to start a great project in Dudley (or the place you live)
  • find out about ways CoLab Dudley and others can support projects like this

Expect to go from planning to a real live craft project in a week or less!

Register places for Tues 28 March

Inspiration for Crafternoon

In 2002 comedian, writer and crafter Maura Madden began hosting Crafternoons as a way to get her friends together, meet new people, and have a good time making some cool stuff. She even wrote a book about it! We’ve borrowed the name and basic concept from this idea.

Testing Crafternoon in Dudley

Crafternoon sprang to life in Coseley in August 2016 when people who love to make and create were invited to come together for an afternoon and use a great space in the youth centre building. A talented group of people of all ages came, from knitters to artists, crocheters to card makers along. They enjoyed sharing their ideas, craft skills and cake so much that they decided to get together for a Crafternoon every week.

What we like about Crafternoon
  • It starts with what people know and are good at.
  • It brings people together to do hands on making.
  • Everyone is welcome to take part.