Gardens for Everyone

Have you heard of Incredible Edible? It started 10 years ago when a few people in a town in Yorkshire started growing food in public places for everyone to share. Gardens for Everyone. The idea has spread! In all sorts of places across the UK and around the world people started growing in all sorts of unlikely places in their villages, towns and cities. They have created vegetable plots, started herb gardens and planted fruit tress on council and church land, in pub gardens and even in castle moats!

Starting a Garden for Everyone

A Garden for Everyone is being created in a little unloved space behind some shops on Dudley High Street. A team of 12 young people braved the cold in January and cleared the site of a mountain of rubbish. They sourced some unwanted tyres for planters and reclaimed some wooden pallets to build upcycled raised beds and a bench. A local resident who lives above the shops has been growing some herbs for the garden. On the morning of Wednesday 15 March planting will start in this Garden for Everyone. Come along to the Get Growing session at Do Fest Dudley to take part.

Start your own Garden for Everyone

Whatever the size of your Garden for Everyone, we’d love to hear about it. Share your ideas, plans and photos on social media using #incredibledudley. Whether you plant a couple of herbs in an unloved corner on your street, grow some veg in your front garden with a sign saying “share this stuff”, or create a purpose built plot. If you’d like beautiful upcycled pallet signs or raised beds for your shared garden get in touch (email Dudley Police are supporting Incredible Edible in Dudley in 2017 through their Active Citizens programme.

Register for a Gardens for Everyone sign making workshop

Wherever your Garden for Everyone is, we’d love to hear about it. We’ve already met people from Sandwell and Birmingham who are getting growing in 2017. We want to connect and learn with you too! Share your ideas, plans and photos on social media if you’ve been inspired by #incredibledudley

We want to inspire 500 more people to get growing and sharing food in 2017

Things got started with a Trade School Dudley class which Netherton resident Janet offered in February. She introduced 7 people to the basics of growing herbs and vegetables.

We’ve also invited Pam Warhurst, one of the people who started Incredible Edible in Todmorden, to come to Do Fest Dudley and talk at the Do Fest Summit on Wednesday 15 March.