Trade School Dudley

From keeping chickens to the basics of sign language, Trade School is great way of sharing skills and talents. Anyone can teach something they are skilled at, or passionate about. Learners pay for the class with a barter item (like food, supplies, or advice). Trade School celebrates local wisdom, mutual respect, and the social nature of exchange.

  • Anyone can teach, anyone can learn.
  • No teaching experience is required.
  • Everyone is welcome to attend classes. All ages, all backgrounds
  • No money exchanges hands. Teachers give their knowledge in return for barter items.


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How it works

1) People offer to teach a class (scroll down to do this).
2) Trade School teachers decide on a list of barter items they’re interested in receiving. Barter items can be in the form of objects or advice. For example: wool,  chocolate, music tips, clothes, vegetables, buttons, a second hand toy or a recipe.
3) Students sign up for their class by agreeing to bring something from their list.


Sign up to teach a Trade School class during Share Fest. There are some tips on the Trade School Dudley Teach a Class page and notes on some available Venues. The coffee shop, Inspiration Lab, Workshop and garden at gather on Dudley High Street area available for classes on Friday 9 June 11am – 7pm | Monday 12 June 11am – 7pm | Tuesday 13 June 11am – 7pm | Thursday 15 June 11am – 7pm


Inspiration and global collective

Trade School started in January of 2009 as an experiment by a group of New York City artists. The Trade School network is a collective of self-organized barter-for-knowledge schools across the world. Dudley is now among these!


Bringing Trade School to Dudley borough

In 2013 an open session on How to Start a Trade School was run at Wrens Nest Community Centre. 9 residents got together to found Trade School Wrens Nest and ran 2 successful full days of Trade School classes. Following that classes popped up occasionally in the community centre.

In summer 2016 CoLab Dudley team members found Trade School teachers in both Coseley and Dudley and seven fantastic classes were run in everything from keeping urban chickens to dancing, baking and hair styling. Trade School Dudley classes have continued to be offered, from languages to crafts, gardening to modern art. Barter items have ranged from seeds to chocolate, notebooks to wool and buttons.