CoLab Report #1 Exploring Co-productionCoLab Report #1 Exploring Co-production in public services in Dudley borough   

The offices and coffee shops of Dudley were buzzing with talk of co-production last summer as a team of inquisitive interviewers met with people in all sorts of roles to find out where we’re at in Dudley when it comes to co-production.

Motivated by curiosity and a feeling that interpretations and understanding of co-production were varied in the borough, the team of six officers paired up and visited the offices of council and NHS  leaders and managers, met volunters in cafes, and had conversations with people who lead local charities and a social enterprise. They asked questions about what people think co-production is, and isn’t. They found out what these people think the benefits of co-production might be, and what the barriers to it are. They heard ideas about what people wanted to see in Dudley borough in relation to co-production.

The findings are summarised in this short report, and have started to be explored by more people. The report was launched and discussed at a CoLab Enquiry session on 24 February. Download the report

We hope people will be keen to share their ideas, learning and experiences through CoLab reports. Get in touch if you have an idea for a report you’d like to share.

In the meantime, here are some publications from previous research activities in Dudley borough which are relevant to the themes CoLab is exploring.

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