All sorts of new, imaginative projects are being started by people of all ages, in all sorts of places across Dudley borough. From urban vegetable growing in Wrens Nest, skills sharing through Trade School Dudley, to Crafternoons in Coseley.

But isn’t it difficult and complicated to do things like this?

No, not these kinds of projects. A 7 year old in Wrens Nest started a family cooking project. A small group of people turned a bit of grass in Dudley into a vegetable patch with planters full of potatoes, tomatoes and broccoli. A team of 10 who had never met before launched a community microgranting dinner called Dudley SOUP. Over 200 people have bartred for knowledge through Trade School Dudley classes.

Join an Activate workshop in our Inspiration Lab to be inspired by project ideas from across Dudley and around the world. Design your own project using all sorts of resources available where you live.

Register for an Activate session on 23 March

What to expect

A warm welcome and a fun and friendly session. It’s an opportunity to meet other people who care about where they live. We’ll use the Activate toolkit to spark imaginative, thought-provoking and creative conversations which help people to imagne new ideas and projects that involve everyone.

You will find out how we can support you to grow a team and try out your idea in real life. You will leave with your very own Activate Pack and oodles of ideas.

This workshop is for you if:

– You feel there could be more opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to do things together.
– You are open to inspiration and learning from other places.
– You who want to try starting something small with other people where you live.
– You want to start with people’s passions and skills, and design activities which are enjoyable to many people.
– You are interested in hands-on doing with people, e.g. cooking, learning, making, sharing, repairing.
– You can see potential to recombine existing resources in new and exciting ways so that small project activities don’t need cumbersome structures, committees or funding to sustain.

This workshop will be less relevant to you if:

– Your interests are focused on people in need and ways to get and direct resources to them.
– You want to create activities which bring together people who have something in common other than where they live: for example you want to start something which is only for older people, or for people with the same health condition.
– You are involved in an existing club, group or charity and are seeking ways to develop your offer or support to your members or beneficiaries.

If any or all of the above 3 describe you, we suggest getting involved in CoLab Learning Labs instead. The content in those is more applicable across many contexts. Activate is designed for for a particular kind of conversation and activity.