Systems Practice

Schools taught most of us to think in structured, linear, reductionist ways. This is incredibly useful for retaining core knowledge, but less useful for learning how to operate in constantly evolving, complex systems. By seeing the world as a series of dynamic, interconnected systems at play, one can develop a far more detailed perspective of the causes and dynamic relations that contribute to and evolve the problems we see around us. It’s a bit like mental gymnastics or yoga – the more you practice systems thinking, the more flexible your brain will become in seeking solutions to complex problems.

(Leyla Acaroglu, Disruptive Design Method Handbook)

Making sense of the mess

Across all kinds of institutions, organisations and services in Dudley people are facing common, connected challenges. Leaders of our local public services recognise that to manage the rising demand for public services and improve health and wellbeing outcomes for those experiencing the greatest inequalities, we need to seek new solutions to the way we work. A systems practice could unlock some of those new solutions.

CoLab Dudley convenes people who are interested in making sense of the mess through a systems practice. As we come across useful resources we’ll be adding them on the pages listed below.

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