Taking part in practical everyday activities can lead to all sorts of benefits for people and the places they live.

We are inspiring and supporting local people to design and test practical projects, creatively connecting all sorts of resources. Together we are experimenting with different kinds of spaces and learning what is needed for projects to thrive. By growing a strongly connected network of opportunities we aim to amplify the scale of individual projects.

Check out our blog for updates on the things we are doing, making and learning:

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Share your skills and talents: Trade School Dudley planning session

Trade School is great way of sharing skills and talents. Anyone can teach something they are skilled at, or passionate about. Learners ‘pay’ for classes with a small barter item.

Co-working Wednesdays

Whatever your role, sector, areas of interest or experience, if you value collaboration, openness and community you’re warmly invited to join the CoLab Dudley community as a co-worker.

Coffee with collaboration coach and community builder Lloyd Davis

To help us learn about unleashing synergy through co-working, collaboration coach and community builder Lloyd Davis will be spending the afternoon of Wednesday 18 January with us in Dudley.

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