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Detectorism Insights #1

Our first collection of practice based evidence from hundreds of doers, makers, encouragers and sharers in Dudley will be published on Monday 5 March. Make sure you get a copy!

Chapter Chewing sessions

Following the launch of Detectorism Insights #1, you are warmly invited to explore the research with us. Sign up for Chapter Chewing sessions taking place from Tues 6 to Fri 9 March.

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Lab Notes, stories and invitations

Love and acceptance — three tales of Gather Dudley

Kindness is powerful. It can bridge gaps, soothe raw nerves, see off demons from the past. In this Valentine’s Day reflection on the importance of love and acceptance, Lab Team member Nick Booth shares moving audio from three people who found kindness when they walked into gather on Dudley High Street.

Lab Notes #11 | Guardians of the network

  Underneath every system is a set of networks. First, there is a network holding the old ways in place that needs to be exposed to the world and opened up for change. In addition there is a network (often much larger than we realise) of unconnected or loosely connected individuals who want a healthier system. […]

Lab Notes #10 | December round up

December saw us developing a creative collaboration, featuring in a think tank report, celebrating doing, running a design thinking bootcamp with public heath registrars, sharing our learning and doing with residents of Castle Vale and more.

For the Doers, the Encouragers and the Curious

We are a social lab working at a local scale in Dudley town centre. We make it easier for people to create, share and learn things together.